Sunday, September 30, 2012

hello fall!

We celebrated the beginning of a new season with a beautiful day at the Zoo. It was our third trip there this year and just as rewarding as the first.

Look at this beauty, isn't he just majestic??

Clairsy wore her zebra ribbons to match her favorite fuzzy friends.

see those "I'm only smiling because I know she won't give up until we do" grins? lol

Did you know we have wolves in FL?? FLORIDA!? crazy. She is called a red wolf but kinda looks like an overgrown, prettier version of a coyote.

This sweet baby giraffe was rubbing on his mama. so cute.

She decided daddy's shoulders provided the best view for the day. Good job, Daddy :)

About half-way through, the sun was beating down pretty hard and we found a fountain to dip our feet in. Clairsy dipped a little more than that.......

Ryder enjoyed the freedom from his stroller....

The lions put on a good show for us...

Sweet moments like this are just too precious for words...

goodbye summer, you were wonderful.
and hello to fall! we are looking forward to all the memories you will hold.

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