Friday, September 14, 2012

last minute summer dress

I had such very good intentions this summer to make Clairsy lots of fun dresses to wear in this Florida heat. Unfortunately, life got busy, other more important and some not-so-important things took priority and it just didn't happen.

But I did whip this one up a few days ago because how can you go a whole summer with a 3 year old girl, Hobby Lobby minutes from your doorstep and 3 wonderful sewing machines and NOT make a dress?!

note the giant plastic ring on her finger! she was determined to wear it ;)
The more I look at this fabric, the more I love it! The sweet little birds and birdcages, the contrasting colors, and polka-dots in the blank spaces....just lovely. AND I got it on clearance!

I was fortunate to find the coordinating green fabric on a separate visit! I'm so happy with how well it matched up.

I'm sure we won't get any REAL fall weather for another month or two, giving her plenty of time to prance around, like she loves to do in dresses, and get some good use out of it :)
I guess I should start thinking of some Fall Wear to make.....hmmmm? any thoughts? 

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