Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My favorite brother

September is another family birthday month for us!

Last Saturday, my brother Adam celebrated his 15th!

Isn't he handsome??
Adam is our only brother. Yes. One boy. Seven girls. And he has definitely had his fair share of torture from all of his sisters. BUT being the only boy, he also gets the attention of all his sisters :)
He is our favorite brother.
He is a man's man.
He is very athletic. I've never seen him try a sport and NOT be good at it!

 He is hilarious! Always has the ability to make me laugh.

He is great with kids!

He plays the drums...whaaat?!

He is a great testimony of Christ. Whether he's hanging out with a bunch of church-goers or on a baseball team full of potty-mouths, he does not waver. He does not comform to this world.

Thank you for being a man. This world needs more guys like you, Adam. 

Thank you also for your laughter and fun! You are such an encouragement to me.
Love you kid!! Happy Birthday! Wish were there to celebrate with you.

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