Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No way, I said.

I was recently approached by a woman in the store. She was complimenting my children on their cuteness and good behavior. She proceeded to hand me her card. She told me about her daycare center and how wonderful it was. She asked me if I had a job and that if I sent my kids to her I would get that time away from the kids that she just KNEW I was wanting. I accepted her card politely and wanted to just do what I normally do in situations like this and just pretend to agree, hoping that would get me out of the conversation quicker. But I decided to say something this time. Not anything offensive. Nothing to put her down. Nothing to turn her away from Jesus or from homeschooling/stay at home moms.

I simply said, in response to her saying I should get a "real" job..."no way! I wouldn't miss this for any amount of money or so-called "me"-time. The best job I could ever have is staying home and taking care of and teaching these babies." She smiled smugly and said if I changed my mind to give her a call.

I wanted to say so much more! I wanted to tell her that even if I had a REAL job, I wouldn't send my kids to her in a million years! I wanted to ask if her daycare children were so well-behaved in the grocery store? I wanted to say that my children weren't screaming in the store, had nice clothes on and their hair combed because I taught them better! Because I, their mother, brushed their hair and dressed them this morning! And I will be the one to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner! I will there to witness their successes and be there to comfort them when they are hurt. And they behave because they love me and want to be obedient. Because they know me! Because I know them!

Why is full-time motherhood not considered a real job?? I get so tired of hearing that. Dakota does too. So many of his co-workers have asked him, "so you're wife just says home all day?? what does she do all day? why don't you make her get a job?" He replies with the obvious of, "well...she takes care of my children for one! she cleans the house, she does the shopping, she prepares meals for me every day! I don't want her to get a job! I am proud to say I am the provider for my family and have the amazing privilege of a wife who loves and cares for her family." They are left dumbfounded.

I do need to clarify one thing.....I know there are circumstances when a mother NEEDS to work outside of the home! I've been there! And I have the utmost respect for those single mothers and struggling families. I am not speaking to you here! I am speaking to the women who CHOOSE to be away from their children. Those who choose a career over their family. Those who willingly let someone else raise their children. Those who don't serve their husbands like they should. Those who "have" to work to make sure they have a new wardrobe every season, get that long family vacation they just can't live without, or to support some sort of bad habit.

Wow...this turned into quite a speech! Its my soapbox today. So if you stuck with me, thanks for listening. I am so, so, so thankful I have the privilege of staying home with my children. And I am sooooo blessed to have a godly husband who provides for our family and entrusts me with our children every day.

Thank you, Jesus for the strength you give me every day to be what You have called me to be. Even in my weakness, my stupidity, and my shortcomings, You are strong, You give me wisdom, and Your grace is enough.

I love these babies and wouldn't miss this for anything this world has to offer.

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  1. Preach it sister! I love seeing "young" mothers love Jesus and want to follow Him! Keep up the good work and your eyes on Him!


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