Thursday, January 26, 2012

on the list of things i swear by

For those of you who are tired of scrubbing your children's juice cups, fighting with the crud that builds up on the rubber, and endlessly cleaning your babies' bottles trying to get the formula smell is your salvation!

maybe its just me, but I've been frustrated for two years with the constant struggle of getting cups and bottles clean and this soap has been the best I've found! And it works great on all your other dishes too :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've never been much for new year's resolutions. Never really made any. But this year, I've jumped on the bandwagon! I know the tendency is to quit before the year is up, in fact most don't even make it more than a month or two, but I'm determined to make it! 

I've hesitated in sharing these with you because, well....then there's the whole accountability thing! haha. But that's kinda why I'm doing this. I want to be able to give updates and report by Christmas the things I have accomplished. 

here goes....

Number 1:
I am writing a cookbook this year. A family cookbook, comprised of my Mom, Mother in Law, and my favorite recipes. not sure if the mama's know their participating yet ;) I have already begun writing down rough drafts and taking pictures. This super cool recipe journal has come in handy! (Thanks to Kartwright- my super cool brother in law- for this Christmas present!)

Number 2:
Probably the most common resolution made, I plan to reach my goal weight by the end of this year! I've made excuses, procrastinated, and just been plain lazy and its time for a change. My wonderful husband has already been such a help in making this happen for me! After long days at work, he is still willing to watch the chillins so I can get to the gym...thanks baby! I have started by running three days a week using the "Couch to 5k" plan...which I HIGHLY reccommend, by the way, for beginner runners. I am on week 3 now. I am also curcuit training three times a week in the gym.

Once I have finished the nine week running plan, I will begin P90X. I am really excited about this program! I will let you know how it goes once I get started.

I am excited about having some goals, and optimistic that I will be able to reach them :)

Have you made any resolutions, plans, goals??? Its not too late! Who says you have to start January 1st, right?

Oh, and if you have any to-die-for recipes, please share!!! Especially desserts....not my specialty ;)

Happy Wednesday, Friends! 
(just had to share this smiling face) 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

late wishes

I'm about 2 weeks late in posting this but such a wonderful sister deserves some acknowledgement, late or not!
On January 10th my sweet baby sister, Christina, turned 21 :)

Christina, you have been my pal, my best friend, my playmate, roommate and my role model in so many ways. You are a great friend, sister, daughter, aunt, girlfriend. Your faithfulness to do what is right, whether anyone likes it or not, the way you love your family, you truly consider others as more important that yourself, and you always have....that is rare, you are the exception to most 21 year old girls.

What an encouragement you are to me! You are so beautiful, inside and cliche as that sounds, there are few that I can say that about. I love you so much! I hope we will live close to each other in the future :) I can't imagine a better best friend to have down the road than my sis.

Even though your heart has stayed the same, you have changed so much! I remember a time when I would speak for you when someone asked your name, hold your hand to cross the street in our pink roller-blades and goofy helmets! I remember selling water with you..haha "water for one dollar!!" and trick-or-treat where I made YOU talk when they opened the would shout "HALLOWEEN!!!" haha.

Now look at you! All grow'd up and purdy :) Going to USC and doing soooo well, dating a cute Carolina boy and loving and serving the Lord. I am so proud of you little sis'!! I'm sorry this is so late, but Happy Birthday! I hope this year is wonderful for you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Busy, busy, busy! It seems raising a two year old and a 4 month old and the laundry, dishes, and vacuuming that goes along with that doesn't allow much "blogging" time :) We had a whirlwind holiday season with lots of traveling. (pics to come). Thanksgiving in Lexington, SC. The week before Christmas in Phio, Ohio. Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day in Ocala, FL. and Christmas evening in Amelia Island, FL. Whew..just remembering all the driving makes me tired! But so glad we were able to see everyone!

Now we are back in beautiful Jax Beach, decorations have been packed away, pictures are finally making their way out of the packed boxes and onto the walls, and we are finally getting into a more "normal" groove....whatever that means.

Ryder doesn't like sleeping much...unfortunately, I do; we aren't getting along very well at 4am. ClaireBell had a tragic dislocated/broken finger incident...we are still watching it, but its looking good! We are all recovering from a rough winter cold and already starting to feel that itch for summer. Can't wait for that first day at the beach......ok, I know its only Jan. 6th but what can I say, being a mere few miles away from that white sand, I feel its just calling my name!

Here are a few pics of our holidays.

My New Year's Resolutions to come..........

goodnight friends.