Monday, November 22, 2010


My first time cutting into a pomegranate! I've always wanted to buy one, but it seemed so complicated...I mean, any fruit that has an instructions to an "easy open" pamphlet next to it has to be confusing, right?

Well, I'm not planning on this becoming our new favorite fruit or anything, but it is yummy and quite interesting :)

First I cut it into 5 sections as seen above. Make sure and wear your aprons, girls! This juice gets everywhere!

Next I pulled all the arils (fancy pomegranate word for seeds) out of the membrane (another fancy word for rind) and put them in water. The membrane is very bitter and by putting the arils in the water, it separates the yucky stuff from the good stuff ;)

Here is what I was left with.

Then I just strained the water out and...voila! Pomegranate! We have been simply enjoying this fruit by itself, but I plan on trying it on some spinach salad, maybe some mandarin oranges? and someday trying to make some juice.

Fun, yummy, and full of healthiness :) If you were like I, scared to attempt, you should try it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stuck on fall.....

I seem to be sooo stuck on fall this year! Glad summer is over (for the first time in my life!) and not really ready for the harsh winter either. BUT I am enjoying every second of our beautiful Georgia fall :)

Growing up in beautiful, Beaufort, SC we didn't see much color change, or even weather change....I have spent countless Thanksgivings at the beach! And even though I dearly miss the lowcountry, I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful season.

My Mom sent me these adorable salt and pepper shakers to decorate my table, along with some oak-leave placemats in brown and green. The table has never been graced with such festivity. Thanks Mom!

We have had the pleasure of enjoying some fresh herbs from the "community" garden out back...long story, but basically, you can plant what you want, water when needed...or don't, and take what you want! somehow it has worked out well.

anywho, this is what was left of the herbs after our first frost hit.
Rosemary- which we have tried with chicken...yumm
Basil- with fresh tomatoes makes a delicious spaghetti sauce
Oregano- great on pizza or in calzones
and sage- I haven't used it yet...any suggestions??

Also after our frost, we collected these green tomatoes...
they have been green for months now! seriously! they refused to change colors. So I picked some, hoping to find some recipies to use them in. Would love any suggestions!

We made fried green tomatoes one night...not too crazy about them.
And I found a great recipe for some green tomato and tomatillo salsa!
Hopefully they we will be used and enjoyed.

I was sad to find these little babies, their leaves and stems black and whithered from the frost, with no hope of becoming anything else.
So they will stay babies :(

We have 3 VERY hot peppers....still haven't figured out what they are, but they are full of spicy deliciousness!
2 of the smallest bell peppers I have ever seen
and 1 little Japanese eggplant

ClaireBell and I have been appreciating the outdoors and the opportunity to enjoy all of God's creation. and when I say ALL, I mean it...
she has decided that tasting every bit of creation is the best way to appreciate it ;)

Thank you, Jesus for fall! Thank you for fresh herbs that we can dry and save for the winter, thank you for pecans to make yummy pies, thank you for table decorations and sweet Mommy's to think about, thank you for your creation and for giving us the health and energy to enjoy it every day.

and thank you, sweet Jesus for little ClaireBell's to taste ALL that you have made. Please keep her from getting sick! Amen.

Happy Saturday, friends! Let's be thankful today.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

family fall fun

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I decided to torture my family with a photo shoot! come on, you know you've done it too ;)

Dakota and I got this picture of just the two of us! We just said, "ClaireBell, take a picture of Daddy and Mommy, here's where you press the button"...and viola! Kid's a genius, I just know it. haha...

Unfortunately, my little ClaireBell wanted nothing to do with this so called "fun" trip into the woods, so we got this shot...

little by little, she started doing better....mommy and baby shot

I just L-O-V-E this picture of these two :) you can see her trying to take the pumpkin out of his hands to carry it on her own

finally, they put me in a picture by myself!! now see what I can do for the camera......

This is what we call her "funny face"....she will make it on demand.
All in all, a good day, good pictures and a funny face that I am assured will make you all smile :)

Happy Fall Friends!