Monday, November 22, 2010


My first time cutting into a pomegranate! I've always wanted to buy one, but it seemed so complicated...I mean, any fruit that has an instructions to an "easy open" pamphlet next to it has to be confusing, right?

Well, I'm not planning on this becoming our new favorite fruit or anything, but it is yummy and quite interesting :)

First I cut it into 5 sections as seen above. Make sure and wear your aprons, girls! This juice gets everywhere!

Next I pulled all the arils (fancy pomegranate word for seeds) out of the membrane (another fancy word for rind) and put them in water. The membrane is very bitter and by putting the arils in the water, it separates the yucky stuff from the good stuff ;)

Here is what I was left with.

Then I just strained the water out and...voila! Pomegranate! We have been simply enjoying this fruit by itself, but I plan on trying it on some spinach salad, maybe some mandarin oranges? and someday trying to make some juice.

Fun, yummy, and full of healthiness :) If you were like I, scared to attempt, you should try it!

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