Friday, September 21, 2012


Our September family birthdays were concluded with my awesome brother-in-law's 20th! Woop Woop!

This is coming a little late but, Happy Birthday Kartwright!
(sorry for the stolen pic)..ha

Kartwright is my Hubby's brother. And his twin. not really. but he could be.

He is funny.




He loves his family.

Almost as much as he loves his Jesus.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has for him in the next few years. Kartwright is ambitious, bold, and unashamed of the Gospel. Wow. What God can do with a heart like that is so exciting!

Keep up the good work, Kartwright! Thank you for being a man of God. Thank you for your laughter :) Thank you for your kindness to your niece and nephew. They LOVE their uncle K! And so do we.

Happy Birthday Kartwright! Glad we were able to celebrate with you over a yummy meal.

oh..and sorry we lost your presents :( ....long story people.

well, i guess not really. left the presents on top of the car. drove away. end of story.

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