Thursday, May 31, 2012

the perfect studio

I just love taking pictures at the beach! Its the perfect backdrop, the perfect studio. The light, the colors, the it all!!

Here are a few shots I captured this past weekend!

Ryder fighting the inevitable baby beach nap with Grandpapa

believe it or not, she wasn't posing for this! sweet girl with her crazy hair! love it, love her.

Haven being such a good little Aunt.

My smokin' hubby discovering he still has some sweet skim board skills even after years of no practice!

Sweet Daddy-daughter pic. I love how even though she's scared of the water, she trusts her daddy.

Ryder being his wiggly self! Trying to steal his Grandmomma's earrings.

Like father like son, right?! haha

This was an hour after the first one was taken..still playing with her niece! so sweet. Piling the sand in the bucket for Clairsy, only to have her dump it all out...over and over and over and over...thanks Haven :)

Love this :) Ryder giving kisses!

My crazy brave man taking on the tropical storm waves of Beryl. It was sooo rough out there!

Shark tooth I found within the first few minutes of being there!

These two can play for hours!! Thanks to ElizaJane for being a sweet Aunt and playmate to ClaireBell.

Jumping over the waves with Grandmomma and Grandpapa. So fun!

We had a fun, relaxing day and enjoyed the last day of sunshine before the storm hit! Thankfully it is back today and we are already itching to feel that salt on our skin and sand in our toes. Still so thankful to be living here. 

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