Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Wow, the weekend just flew by! Can't believe it's Monday. We enjoyed some time at the pool, the beach, and lots of family time at home this week.

Here's your tip of the week:

coming from a girl who has trouble baking, I am proud to say I made some killer peanut butter cookies this week that my hubby and children devoured! I didn't have any shortening required in the recipe and I heard once that you can replace it with unsweetened apple sauce (which I have lots of) for a healthier option. Hesitantly, I tried it. And they turned out great!! So next time you find yourself in the kitchen baking, give it a try. I mean, who doesn't want less fat with the same taste?!

Recipe of the week was this:

I guess it's a little bit of a cop-out because its not really a recipe...more like something I just put together! BUT, it is awesome, healthy, and super easy.
-Low carb tortillas
-Fat free, Garden vegetable cream cheese
-Fresh spinach
-Sliced tomato
-Low sodium, sliced turkey breast lunchmeat

Layer in that order and roll up. That's it!

Projects of the week were these:

I made two of these throw pillows for our couch! I saw this ribbon piping on a Pinterest pillow. I love the way it looks, but I'm really wishing I had burnt the ends before sewing them between the layers :( Only one has started to tatter, but I'm afraid they will all eventually pull out. Sad. But lesson learned.

And Photo's of the week go to my sweet babies:

I had so much fun taking these pictures this week! I've had both ideas in mind for a few weeks. Glad they both cooperated long enough to get some beautiful shots!

Well, its off to start Monday chores! There always seems to be so much to catch up on after the weekend.

Happy Monday, friends!

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