Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Highlights

As I was going through my pictures from this week, I realized how much of my life revolves around food! I went to pick my favorite recipe of the week, and not only did I have to think about what I ate this week, but I literally have pictures of 5 different meals! As a wife and mother of two, it's really hard to NOT have your days revolve around food. What everyone will eat, when they will eat it, when and where you will go buy it, how you will make it, and now we even blog about it! lol.

Speaking of tip of the week is about cake!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can't stand a dry piece of cake, or chicken, or anything for that matter. So I've always taken my cake out of the oven at least 5-10 min. before it's really done. It always turns out soooo moist and delicious. Unfortunately, the frosting always looks like a mess! Frosting a super moist cake, cooled completely or not, is not an easy feat. So....

I've heard of freezing cakes before you frost them. I had no doubt it would work, I mean, it makes sense. You freeze it, there aren't any crumbs or moistness to be pushed around by your frosting knife. BUT, will it still be moist after freezing it?? That was my hesitation. Well, turns out, it works like a charm! Just bake your cake, cool, then cover and freeze. I left mine in overnight. Take it out, frost it, then let it warm to room temperature (didn't take long...maybe 45 min.) and Voila! Moist cake that even looks pretty :)

Clairsy also enjoyed the fruit of my "labor"....notice her in the back round of the last pic. haha.

My project this week was this:

I found this table last summer in the ACC campus laundry room with a sign on it saying, "please take." It was just a plain table, natural wood color all over. I had originally painted the legs with a sort of limabean green, but have since changed my mind on that color. I decided to paint this in the same color as the shelf I posted about before. Seeing as how they are living in the same room, I thought they should probably match. I also stained the table top and drawer to a darker oak. Bad picture (I realized I had no picture as I was writing this, so I went and took one), but I love how it turned out!

My Recipe of the week is this:

I tried it this way first. Roasted chicken, red onions, mushrooms, fresh cilantro, lime juice, cumin, and light mayo. It was absolutely mouth watering! I served it over Ruffles Low Fat potato chips....I'm a sucker for crunchy, salty things.

After realizing how much flavor was in this dish, I decided to try it a healthier way. Cut out the mayo and used more lime. Added tomatoes. And served it as a lettuce wrap, instead of the chips. I mean, of course, the first is better tasting, but the lettuce wraps are surprisingly tasty and super low cal and fat.

Photo of the week goes to:

Ryder and his Grandmomma :) There's nothing like laying in your Grandmomma's arms while she rocks you to sleep.  We spent some time in Amelia this weekend, a little golf, a lot of food, and sweet company.

Happy Monday, friends. 


  1. Yumm yumm, that cake has me drooling, and so do those wraps! I want to lick that spoon right along with CB :) Love the table too :)
    I didn't even know you snapped that photo, but so glad you did. Every time I rock that boy I have flashbacks of his Daddy, it's fun to see it in a photo. It was a fun weekend, even though I miss the grandpapa :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! Next time we're there we need to go through Kota's baby pics so we can compare!!


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