Monday, May 7, 2012

Beachful Bliss

It's beach time ya'll!!! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

We enjoyed a beautiful Saturday in this sandy paradise last week! The weather was perfect (low 90's...which to some may be too hot, but for my hubs and me, its ideal!), the kids did great and had lots of fun, and we enjoyed a nice escape from the craziness of daily schedules.

Ryder ate sand.......

Clairsy played with sand...

Dakota tried hard to make the water fun for her...

But she would still rather watch from a safe distance in the comfort of her daddy's arms :)

When we are at home its always, "mama, mama, mama" but when Dakota gets home, or we are gone from there...daddy is her best friend; so sweet. 

The hole and drip castles begun about half-way through the day


And the final result!! Dakota and I both have great memories of doing this as kids with our parents. It was so fun to do this together with our own kids! 

We had fun sitting in the sand, waiting for the waves!

"Thank you, Lord for Your creation. For our children. For family. And for the priveledge You give us every day to enjoy your blessings."

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