Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Fun Fact:

Don't you hate when you get in the refrigerator to get some lettuce or spinach and its slimy?! Ugh. So much for your healthy lunch, right. So its either a trip to the grocery store, or leftover pizza! Well, no more slimy greens!

Next time you open a bag of spinach, chop a head of lettuce, or any other greens, put the leftovers in a sealed container or zip-loc with a paper towel inside. The reason for the slimyness is because of too much moisture. The paper towel serves to soak up that moisture. Just change the paper towel every few days and your greens will last 3 times as long! 

(didn't get a pic of lettuce, so here's some cute faces instead!)

Project of the week:

I mod podge'd the fabric (coordinating leftovers I had from the kids bed-sets), to foam board and framed it. Then painted polka-dots on these letters and hot-glued them to the fabric. The frames I got dirt cheap at Michael's around Easter. And prints of the kids from, love that company, by the way. This collage is hanging in their room.

Recipe of the week:

I think this dish could be 100 times better, which is why its my recipe of the week. Not that it turned out so great, even though it looked really pretty, but that it has potential to be a family favorite! Full of veggies, chicken, and cheese, these lasagna wraps put a new spin on pasta for us. My hubby looovvvves pasta, so I'm always looking for new recipes and fun ways to make it...evey though he'd probably be happy with spaghetti and meatballs every night :)

And photo of the week goes to:

my three favorite people in the world :) Even though they look like they're being tortured by the "beast," they're actually having a blast!

We also enjoyed a great weekend with family yesterday and today! Beach pics to come...

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