Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Fun fact:

Did you know if you put your green onion roots in water, they will endlessly grow??

Never buy green onions again.

Just wash those roots and change the water every couple days.

Mine have since grown about 5 times this size! I just clipped, chopped and refrigerated them...more onions than I know what to do with!

This was my project of the week...

This shelf was just a natural wood color. My Dad made it for me when I was little. It has held everything from baby dolls to DVD's. And now it shelves my little creations.

I painted the shelf with a little Folk Art Acryllic paint in this ever growing popular blue.

Created the hemp covered bottles.

Painted the fancy A with some more acryllic.

And lastly, printed pics of my babies and mod podge'd them to canvas. I hot-glued ribbon to the back and hung them with good ol' fashion tacks.

I think this shelf is the start of something beautiful in my family room.

My favorite recipe this week was this:

We enjoyed this pan of deliciousness with some grilled chicken breasts and salad.

Will post this recipe along with the hemp bottles tute.

Photo(s) of the week goes to this little cutie for making me laugh, driving me crazy and keeping me sane all in the same sweet face.

One word to describe this week would be: Motivated.

Motivated to keep a cleaner house.

Motivated to decorate that cleaner house.

Motivated to keep exercising every night with my hubs.

Motivated to put the kids to bed earlier.

Motivated to pray. unceasingly.

I think its time to be motivated to make dinner...... ;)

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