Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Little Ryder update:

Ryder will be 9 months old this month
He is a very busy boy!
He loves his sister, a lot
He started crawling very early, at 5 months
He is very easily pulling himself to his feet
Sometimes he forgets to hold on and we get a wobbily few second stand
He follows his daddy with his eyes, constantly
He has said his first word...."mama!" which made me cry a little
He still has no teeth, poor boy, but LOVES to eat
His favorite thing to do in the bath is splash...which happens to be Clairsy's LEAST favorite thing to! its humorous to watch
His favorite toy is whatever CB is playing with
His eyes never turned brown, making him the only blue-eyed baby in the family :) i'm jealous.
He likes to be sung to sleep, and he sings with me

He is the sweetest little boy! I love him so very much


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