Tuesday, August 28, 2012

you never outgrow playdough

One of ClaireBell's birthday presents this year was playdough. I was skeptical of the idea when my hubs mentioned it....is she old enough? what about the mess it will make? and considering we have carpet under ALL of our tables, the thoughts of picking playdough out of the floor with my fingernails just didn't seem too appealing to me.

BUT...I gave in. And I'm so glad I did!

She looovvees it! I should have known with her wild imagination it wouldn't take her long to figure it out and come up with her own ways of playing with it.
Good job Hubby! Kudos to you.

I also discovered you never outgrow fun with playdough! Pizza anyone??

Clairsy's version........

"Take a picture of me with the cake, mama!"

Possibilities are endless!

Christmas tree by: Dakota =) even daddy's like playdough

lol...she kept insisting to be in the pictures :)

We have had tons of fun playing with this smelly stuff! And for those of you who know my ClaireBell you know she has tasted it....more than once.

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