Friday, August 10, 2012

do you date your spouse??

Me and my better half have had the priveledge of weekly(ish) dates this summer! It has been lots of fun and I've soooo enjoyed some time alone with him.

All too often we (us married with children folks) forget the importance of continuing to "date" our spouse. We get comfortable, we get busy, and we put our children first. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of times, especially with babies, when they just have to be top priority! But thankfully, my man has put me above them and more importantly put Christ above ALL and has stolen my heart all over again.

We have had some nice dinners at our favorite restaraunts, gone ice skating, shopping, and have had some nice evenings at home playing scrabble and watching movies.

Our most recent date was to the Jacksonville Sun's baseball game!

If you know us at all, or read this blog at all, you know we are a baseball lovin' family! Last summer (when we lived two exits from the stadium) we attended quite a few Atlanta Braves games! When we found out the Suns were playing the Braves...both Minor League teams, if you haven't picked that up yet....we knew that was the game for us!

So we dressed, well Dakota dressed in his Brave-wear and rooted for our team! I think we may have been one of the only Atl fans

We had a great time! Spent too much money on giant Bubba burgers and giant Cokes, took some goofy pictures, and more than anything else enjoyed the company of a best friend.

Excuse the shiny face and my bangs plastered to my head.....what can I say? It's FL in July people!

At the end of the game, which we won by the way! there was an awesome fireworks show! Seriously the loudest show ever! haha.

I hope this encourages you to "date" your spouse again! And for those of you who haven't stopped, I applaud you.

I love Dakota with all my heart and am so thankful God made him just for me :)

Happy Friday, friends.

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