Friday, August 24, 2012

my little man

Where to start. What to say. About this precious little boy who stepped into my life 1 year ago today.

From the moment I found out God had created you, I loved you. Your Daddy and me were overjoyed and anxiously awaited your arrival. I planned, prayed, and was still unsure how my heart would have room for the love you would need. How would I have enough time and energy to take care of you both? Wow, did that change the second I saw your sweet face! You stole my heart little man. And you still have it. I love you so much. You teach me daily even in your young age. You challenge my mama skills and like to push me to my limits. I am so thankful for you. And thankful for the close relationship we share. You have taught me patience. You have taught me to depend on Jesus more than ever for satisfaction, strength, and mercy. You are everything I ever dreamed of in a son and sooooo much more. I'm so proud of you sweet little boy. Happy first birthday, Ry-ry!
All my love,


Ryder's nicknames:

little man

He is a little charmer. Just ask any of his nursery workers.

All you have to do is glance his way and you will get a smile

He is funny.

He is WILD!

He is all. boy.

He will choose a ball over any toy in the room.

He loves, loves, loves his daddy and sister

He doesn't like his bed. never has. still praying he will someday.

He looks like his daddy.

He is my favorite little boy in the world.

He has changed my life forever.

Wow. One year of life. A great one. The best my life has ever known. Thank you, Jesus for our Ryder.

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