Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Firsts

Lately it seems there have been so many firsts. As I watch my babies growing in both age and maturity, every day is an adventure. I feel the urge to take pictures of everything, wishing I had the time to write it all down too. I even pulled Clairsy's baby book out the other day, writing down funny things she says, things I don't want to forget.

I hear parents say all the time, "I'm so sad they're growing up!" or, "they're growing too fast!"....and don't get me wrong, I get it! And I've even said those things before! But more than anything else, I'm excited! It's sad they'll never be "babies" anymore, but they will continue to be babies in something for a long time. The next few years hold so many baby steps, reading, writing, learning about Jesus, singing, sports.

So I tell you, I am enjoying these sweet firsts, sweet baby steps...quite literally for my BABY Ryder :) And I look forward to the coming months, years.

As I write this, I look out into the family room and see Ryder letting go of the table, taking those few wobbly steps til' he falls to the ground. And you know what he does?? He gets back up, smile on his face and tries again. I also see ClaireBell, playing a hooked-on-phonics game, finding the letters that are spoken and pressing the buttons. And when she gets one wrong, she takes the next letter A is purple...until she gets it! With a big smile on her face, she punches that button and says, "I did it!" So proud, I tell you.

If only I were as motivated as them. If only I had the patience of a child. If only I could learn so quickly that when you fall or get something wrong, you don't give up! You try again. You try until you get it right. And then, you don't stop there! You keep learning, you keep failing. So I am trying, I am falling. I am taking those baby steps right along with my babies. Looking forward to what God will teach me next.

Clairebell's firsts this month have been:

writing her name
coloring inside the lines...or trying to
praying all by herself
using water wings
being brave enough to go "deep" into the waves at the beach
building a sandcastle by herself
using the potty during the day! *big hooray for this one*
holding a live crab

Some of her favorites are:

the beach
the pool
hide and seek

Ryder's firsts this month have been:

TEETH! he has 4 now
dancing to music
clapping his hands
throwing a ball

Some of his favorites are:

food...of all kinds
stuffed animals
splashing in the bath, ocean, or pool

What a blessing it is to have children! What amazing gifts God has given us. I learn so much from them every day.

Baby Steps. Sweet Firsts. Its how we all learn.

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