Friday, July 20, 2012

Smoothie Love

With all of the fresh fruits available right now, we have been enjoying some delicious smoothies! We have tried many varieties and combinations of fruits, yogurts, juices, and such...I think I found a winner this morning!


1 medium banana, peeled
6 medium strawberries, cleaned and cut
handful of cherries, remember to remove seeds!
1 4oz container of Mott's Blueberry Flavored Applesauce
1/2c. Dannon's Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt
2tbsp. ground flaxseed meal
1c. ice

Throw it all in the blender and blend on high until smooth!! Filling enough to drink as a meal replacement, and oh-so-refreshing.  

Enjoy :)

*makes enough for 2 large smoothie's! ClaireBell always enjoys drinking them with me.

*178 calories, 2.5g. fat, 5g. protein. -Per serving  

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