Monday, July 2, 2012

Ashton, Ashy, Ash

She's a girl with many names. A long-haired, brown-eyed beauty. Her name is Ashton. We call her Ashy, Ash, Liz, Liz'beth (Elizabeth being her middle name), Ashio...and the list goes on. She is my baby sister. She was due on my 19th birthday, but came 5 days sooner.

How to describe her She is quiet, sweet, lovely. She'll never hurt you with her words, but watch out, 'cause she can pack a punch! hah.

Ashton turned 5 last week! FIVE. unbelievable.

What a joy she is to our family. An obedient daughter, a sweet sister, a wonderful playmate to her niece and nephew, and as faithful as they come.

It is so exciting to see her grow, watch her change, and get to know her better each year.

I love you, Ashio! Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl. 

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