Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More daylight, shots, and an Anniversary

March was much less eventful. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the extra daylight, thanks to daylight savings time beginning. We had some special family times doing...

this at the baseball field

this at the pool

while clairsy did this

we had some fun beach time here

and enjoyed the zoo too!

hahaha...priceless. This was right after Clairsy said, "I'm all done the zoo!!!!" she said she was tired and wanted to go what 2 year old does that????

Unfortunately, the kids were due for shots this month. Ryder was a tough boy, hardly even cried, no fever, and little fussiness! But let's just say ClaireBell no longer likes the "docta" :(

March also brought the priveledge of spending another Anniversary with my man :) We had a sweet day out together. Went to the mall, bought some diamonds, and then to a beautiful riverside dinner ;) What?! Yes, I have an amazing husband.

And if that was already enough, said husband planned a 4 day trip to Orlando in April!!
We enjoyed his careful planning last week. Pics to come!

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