Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you believe in Magic? Part 1

There is something about theme parks that truly are magical. The smells: from funnel cakes, greasy burgers, and candy, to wet musty rides, foreigners who don't know how to use deoderant, and the general stench of too many ppl in one place!  Maybe its the sounds: people screaming for their lives on a rollercoaster, screaming babies trying desperately to get out of their strollers, or the sweet happy laughter of children and families making forever memories.

I don't know exactly what it is, but whatever it is, I LOVE it! I always have. Going to Orlando with my hubby was even better than I imagined it. Some of my favorite places, with my favorite person = a great time :)

We started off the trip with an early morning in Ocala, kissing the babies goodbye, packing last minute necessities, and printing our tickets. Thanks for my family being so gracious to add two more munchkins to the dinner table for a few days ;) Then we were off to Universal!

We waited in line for Spiderman for what seemed like FOREVER! I think it was about an hour and a half, as they had to shut down the ride twice while we were in line to fix some "technical issues"....eeeeek! Well it didn't stop us! But we did get a little bored.......

Haha...poor Dakota putting up with my craziness!

Since it was just the two of us, we got lots of this.......

I met this cute Bohemian guy too

Apparantly, Universal is NOT the place to bring bags. Every time we tried to get in line, they would make me go put my stuff in a locker...ugh. So in between rushing from ride to ride that first day, I kinda forgot to take pictures.

Next day we got up as early as we could manage to get on the shuttle to Disney World! You know you're getting older when you have to set an alarm to get up for Disney...haha.

We boarded the shuttle at 7:30am with coffee in hand

I haven't been to Magic Kingdom since I was 8, and Dakota hadn't been since highschool. It brought back some sweet memories for both of us. Here are some pics from the *magical* day :)

 We didn't actually go to Epcot, but we walked passed it in transit.

We were at the gates before they opened! The opening show was super cute. They brought in all the characters on the train and sang a few songs. So we walked in with a few hundred of our closest friends to "the place where dreams come true."

We just had to ride "It's a small world"....and quite honestly, it was a nice little rest time from walking! Such a cute ride. We had fun trying to determine which country each area was representing.

We found Jessie and Woody.....there was a 20 minute wait line just to take pictures with them! Crazy. So I got pics of someone's children with them..haha. Toy Story characters are quite famous in our house.

About half-way through our day, I stubbed my toe on the bottom of Dakota's shoe and ripped a huge piece of toenail off! Agh. It hurt. So we had to stop everything and find the One and Only first aid spot in the whole park (crazy, right?!) where we proceeded to wrap my crazy bleeding toe.                                                        Shortly after that, Dakota's shoulder was throbbing bad. Not really sure what happened to it, but let's just say we were both in pain and the long line for the Haunted Mansion was a nice break from the hustle.

We asked this woman sitting on the bench to take our picture in front of the mansion. After looking at the picture, I realized she didn't even get the house in there?! I felt awkward to go back and ask her again.                              "Hey, you did a crummy job, can you try again?" lol. oh well.
We spent the whole day there. Did just about everything Magic Kingdom had to offer. EVEN the Mad Tea Party. My sweet man, who doesn't do so well on spinny stuff, agreed to brave it with me! His only rule was that it had to be the last ride of the day..haha.

We headed back to our shuttle about 7:30 that evening. Then had a nice dinner at Longhorn. We ate everything in site.....after a long day at Disney, trying not to eat too many $10 chicken sandwiches, we were hungry, to say the least.

Fun times. Great memories.


  1. Great post Ria, loved seeing all these vacation pics, so fun and cute, especially that Bohemian guy! Great pictures to remember fun times together! Sorry about that toe, OUCH! love ya girl.

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! Well... except for the painful parts. :-) You gotta love Disney!


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