Monday, September 27, 2010

wiggle worm

do you have a wiggle worm in your house?? I sure do! This little girl NEVER stops moving! She leaves a trail of clues as to where she's been, and puts her mark on everything she touches....and sometimes, it leaves a mark on her too ;)

what is it about diaper rash cream that tastes good?! it smells just h
orrid...I can't imagine it could have anything tasty in it. my wiggle worm disagrees.

Not only do I have a wiggle worm, I have a climber as well! We were having trouble with her climbing onto the chairs and then onto the I thought I fixed the problem by keeping all the chairs scooted in! Now, she just gets stuck in between the table and chair.

A baby + a box of bows = baby in a box - bows on the floor.

I've determined, I just cannot use this bottom shelf.....she will clear it off as quick as I can put it back together. oh well :) climb away little wiggle worm!!!

The problem with a wiggle worm, a desitin eater, a climber, a box un-loader and a shelf clearer is this.......I have had to become a wiggle worm chaser, a desitin cleaner, a "baby falling" catcher, a box loader, and a shelf organizer!!!

As rewarding as it is to be a mother, it is utterly exhausting em...most of the time. I feel like I can never keep you ever feel that way?? Sometimes she's covered in desitin before I see her, sometimes she falls and I can't catch her, sometimes she ruins pretty boxes, tears movie covers, flushes things down the toilet, breaks glasses, eats bugs....I could go on and on....

so sometimes the dishes don't get done, lunch isn't always ready on time, the bed isn't always made, at any given time there are probably dvd cases scattered on the living room rug, and at this very moment I have at least 3 loads of laundry to do...but God is still good, my baby has survived another day of wiggle worming her away around the house, my husband still loves me and I love him and I know its gonna be OK.

I thank my Jesus for another quiet evening to get caught up on the chores that didn't get done, and reflect on His goodness, mercy and grace on me. when I am weak, He is strong..."thank you Jesus for meeting our needs. thank you that Your grace is sufficient. and thank you for constantly picking me up when I fall."

This post has turned into quite a novel...for those of you who have stuck with me til' now, I applaud you :) just one last thing....

As I put my little one down to sleep tonight, I was reminded of a song my mama used to sing often at bedtimes....

"It's bedtime now and after prayers are said, I kiss my little girl and tuck her in her bed. But before the lights are out she says, 'can you stay a little longer, please?' and though the clothes need folded and there's dishes to do, I think to myself, 'theses days are few' this time spent now will see us through; oh, the lessons learned from a child. I wanna learn all there is to know, 'cause their small for just a little while. Let me have the faith to see through the eyes of a child."

Take the time with your little girls, little boys, little wiggle worms...they will remember, and God will be honored.


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  2. So sweet! I wish we could see you guys more often.


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