Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sweet memories......

Can't help but grin at this silly baby face!! She is in the habit of feeding her hair, so headbands come in handy during mealtime =)

It's amazing how quickly a pile of FOLDED laundry can jump back on your "to-do" list, huh?

After this pic was taken, I quietly watched from behind as she very carefully took each piece of clothing and put them into the laundry basket....I just couldn't break her heart by taking it away; she was so proud!

ClaireBell enjoying some of daddy's protein shake after a hard workout. ( for him, of course..hehe) I just love the way she runs...well, crawls to the door as soon as she hears it open! grinning from ear to ear, shouting, "da-da" and pausing mid-crawl to wave her little hand as hard as she can! she loves her daddy :) and so do I!

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