Monday, May 23, 2011

"this is braves country"

I can speak for both of us when I say our favorite part of living in Atlanta is being 10 min. from Turner Field!

It is so much fun to decide last minute to go to a Braves game, grab some hats and sunscreen and hop in the car.

We recently attended a game vs. the Phillies and witnessed a great win! Here are a few pics.

Phillies warming up

taking advantage of my camera's zoom ;)

ClaireBell ready for gametime!

Me and my hubby :)

the team wore their old jersey's and stenciled the small "a" on the field as opposed to the normal "A"

It was the Civil Right's Game and this is Hank Aaron in the flesh

Morgan Freeman

Carlos Santana

Members of the U.S. Army holding the flag

doing some crazy stretching!

ClaireBell's favorite thing to do during the games :)

680 THE FAN....who we listen to when we aren't at the games!

doesn't that look like it hurts????

old uniforms
 Fun afternoon...I think we will be going this weekend as well!

Go Braves!

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