Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Beautiful South Carolina!

My littlest sister, Hannah Grace

Last week ClaireBell and I had the opportunity to go to Beaufort, SC for a few days to visit family, friends, and the beautiful views of the Lowcountry! Dakota was in Ohio for the final baseball tournament for the season and, well, I don't particularly enjoy being home without him, so we headed out an hour after he did :)
Sweet Little Grin

Christina and Hannah (Habersham pool)

We enjoyed the pool, the sun, the beach, kooky mooky's, habersham, Alvin Ord's, and of course, seeing loved and familiar faces!

ClaireBell and Grammy

My Mother's Day present was a new camera! (Thank you so much Dakota and Clairsy) and it was perfect timing....I was able to try it out and capture some precious memories with my family and the beautiful surroundings.

ClaireBell's first beach trip!!!
Unfortunately, I have to say, my little one has NOT grown up on the beach as her Mama and Daddy have and does NOT like to be sandy, have the sun in her eyes, or splash in the salty waves! Thankfully, she was somewhat content for about 20 min. and I was able to get a few shots without tears :/

hopefully next time will be better!


As annoying as the seagulls are, snatching any crumb you drop or leave unattended, aren't they beautiful?

(from left to right) Kaitlyn, Samantha, Hope and Adam
Pre-baby, this is probably what I wouldn't spent my time doing that day! They were making a pretty impressvie sandcastle using the classic shovel, buckets, seashells and of course those dried hollow sticks that seem to cover the shoreline (what are those things, anyway??) well, whatever they are, they make great bridges, flagposts and walls!

wish I had taken pictures of the final result!! this was towards the beginning. good job guys!

Hope, unknowingly posing for a windblown shot ;)
Adam, of course, posing for his...haha
Ashton playing in the wet sand
don't you just love the feeling of that sand between your toes, the smells, the waves crashing on you, sinking deeper and deeper into the sand with each second?? we miss you salt water and sand, somehow sulfar water and red clay just don't compare :/

advetisement for a summer vacation? i think so.
Ashton and Julia
They remind me so much of Christina and I. Almost the same years apart and the resemblence is uncanny! 

finally gave it up and fell asleep in my arms :)
Just a few more pics from the week.........

Love this one!

At Kooky Mooky's trying so hard to be serious!

Mom and Hannah enjoying the pool! I just wanna go back! for all/any beaufortonians reading, enjoy your summer and take advantage of the beautiful creation around you!

georgians, what can I say.....anybody have a blowup pool and a yard? meet u there.


  1. Looks like ya'll had a great time! It was good seeing you when i did!

  2. Fun week!! :) miss you guys already.


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