Thursday, March 3, 2011

girlie girl


1. you wear high-heels on a daily basis

2. as long as their cute, you wear them....regardless of whether they hurt your feet or are even a size or two off.

3. you just can't resist smelling flowers

4. you have a rose petal cottage set and a disney pricesses tent ;)

5. you like gymnastics and ballet
(i missed the one leg in the air shot, but she was certainly testing her skills)

6. you wear bows and have a baby doll

7. you include your baby in all your playtime, making sure she is comfortable, and having a good time.

8. you love snuggling with your daddy :)

I love my little girlie girl! I don't have pictures of these, but she has also on many occasions put her own makeup on, starred at herself in front of the mirror, and my favorite, crossing the legs while talking on the phone! :)

I love to watch her copy me when I get ready. I think its amazing to see how even when they are young, God is already molding them into little wives and mommies.

Do something "girly" with your girls today!

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  1. this is the cutest little blog!! i really miss you guys, ive been cooped up in the dorm doing HW or on the road all semester omg. ha. i love you guys though!! and love this.



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