Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching up

Don't you just love productive days? The house is cleaned, dishes done, laundry folded and put away, baby is taking a nap, I've rearranged my entire living room and still managed to have time to blog! :) Thank you, Jesus for the patience and energy to be productive today.

Well, I have been a slacker since the Fall in keeping you all up to date on our happenings...so I hope to catch up here in the next week.

We will start with some pictures of our "snow in!!"

We were so happy to have my mom and sisters in Atlanta with us during the snow storm! The girls had so much fun playing in the fluffy white snow, 4 in. deep and still falling!

Our first Christmas together was a white one :) That's gotta be a good sign, right?!

We bundled up the girls as best we could with our Beaufort winter clothing....which in no way compares to real winter clothing.

As this was our first winter in GA, we were curious whether snow in Dec/Jan was an annual occurance, or just a sweet blessing for the holidays. We asked fellow college students, friends, locals....everyone had a different story! from: "I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen snow," to: "ah, everyone freaks out every year when this happens, but we all know its coming again next year."

Whatever the real story is, we played, ran, shouted, snow-angeled, tasted, and photographed the memories of our GA Christmas and New Years. 

Mom joined in the fun too while I stayed inside to watch little Hannah and ClaireBell.

We were "snowed in" (meaning, we pretty much couldn't leave the parking lot) for 4 days. They continued to pospone the starting of classes as each day showed no hope of melting snow. I know Dakota, and many other students had no complaints about that ;)

He looks so tall next to the girls!

We didn't bring the little ones out too much in the frigid air, but couldn't resist at least a few pictures!

Dakota, who is a big fan of "ice chomping" as I like to call it, has trained this little girl to love it too! Any time he has a glass with ice in it, she comes running to his side pointing to her mouth and letting her tongue fall out.

Of course, the sight of our driveway and yard covered in ice was thrilling to her! Besides the places where we walked, it was untouched and beautiful...and she joyfully endulged.

I can't believe it has already been two months since then. The weather has warmed up tremendously and we are looking forward to Spring next!

Happy Tuesday, readers!



  1. I love your blogs new look Ria, the picture of the two of you is so fun, and your border is so pretty!
    It was fune to be on the phone with Dakota when he saw the re-arranged room :) He obviously liked it! Can't wait to see it myself soon.

  2. You are such a cheerful lady! I love it!
    I am enjoying reading your blog. :)


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