Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diy- Camera Strap Cover

I am excited to share this DIY with you all! I've been wanting to make a camera strap cover for quite some time now and when my sis' mentioned wanting/needing one, I knew her birthday was the perfect opportunity!  So here's what I came up with!

*Note! If you are a beginner sewer, or just have a hard time following online tutorials, this is the perfect project for you! Seriously the easiest sewing project I have done. So give it a try!

Here's what you will need:

1 piece of light to medium weight fabric cut to 6" x 30" 

1 piece of jersey fabric cut to 1.75" x 60"

1 piece of jersey fabric cut to 2.5" x 60"

1 piece of coordinating fabric cut to 6" x 3.5"

Coordinating thread

If you are wondering if this will fit your camera strap, I'm almost positive it will. As long as its a basic strap (not one of the fancy padded ones) it fits both Canon and Nikon.


On the top of your strap material, measure in 1.75" from one side and draw a line down the length of the fabric.  This will be the sew line for your ruffle.


Now it's time to make your ruffle.  

There are two methods for ruffling. I'll give you both options. 

Option 1. Stack your two ruffle lengths on top of each other, smaller one on top.  Use matching thread for the top thread and white thread in your bobbin.  Set your stitch length to 5 (or higher) so that they are long.  Sew a seam down the middle of your two fabrics. Do not back stitch.  After you have your seam, hold the white thread and pull to create your ruffle. Space your ruffles out evenly, making it the same length as your strap fabric.

Option 2. Stack your two ruffle lengths on top of each other, smaller one on top. Use matching thread for the top thread and white thread in your bobbin. Set your stitch length to 5 ( or higher) AND set your tension as high as it will go. Sew a seam down the middle of your two fabrics. Do not back stitch. If all goes well, your fabric should already be ruffled! Some minor adjustments may need to be made to get to your desired length. 

Whichever option you chose, this is what you should have now:

Option 2 in action!

*In order to make it easier to add your pocket, leave 3" at one end of your ruffle material smooth. As shown above.  If you aren't creating a pocket, you can make the whole piece ruffled evenly.*


Match up the ruffle seam and the line you drew. 

Sew in place.

STEP 4: 

Now it's time to create your pocket.  Your pocket piece should measure 6" x 3.5" with the top being the long edge.  Fold over the top edge 1/2" and press.  Sew in place. 


Place your pocket piece over one end of your strap.  This will be the end that you left the ruffle material smooth.  Pin in place. Next stitch a seam up the center, back stitching at the top of your pocket piece for extra strength.


Now you will want to hem both ends of your strap material.  Fold over the ends 1/2" towards the back and press.  Stitch in place.

sorry, didn't get a pic of the other side.


Now fold your strap material in half longways and pin together.  Sew a seam up the side with a 1/2" seam allowance.  I pushed the ruffle material out of the way as I stitched so that it would not get caught in my seam.

*this pic might be confusing!!! I was just trying to show the correct fold, but it looks like I'm about to sew down the left side! Sew the OPEN side shown on the RIGHT here :) sorry about that!*

Here is what you should be looking at:

*Looking back, I realize I should have used a serger or at least a zig-zag stitch on the edges to prevent fraying.*


Now turn your strap right side out.  We are almost done!! 

Don't worry if your strap looks all frumpy and lumpy, it just needs a good iron!! Don't iron the ruffle, just push it out of the way and iron both long sides flat.


And you're done!!! 

Not only does your camera have a new personality, but it also has a  sweet pocket to keep you from losing your lens-cap while snapping away!

I hope this tutorial was easy for you to follow! Please, please let me know if you have any questions! 

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