Thursday, January 10, 2013

summing up the holidays

Instead of boring you with lots of words about how awesome our holidays were, which they were, and how much we enjoyed spoiling our chrildren for christmas, which we did, I would much rather share our moments in pictures :)

There was cookie making

Present wrapping

We had the kids open a present on Christmas Eve that contained new jammies, hot chocolate and marshmellows, and a new Christmas book!

Cookies were left for Santa

The hubs and me stayed up late filling the stockings, putting bikes together, and building this...

There were lots of smiles Christmas morning!!! Ryder got a Polaris

ClaireBell got a tricycle

I got a brand new iPhone5..what?! not pictured here, but believe me, I'm LOVING it!

Dakota got a PS3! woop woop! but Candyland was played this day instead ;)


And this is what the family room looked like after the morning explosion

Wish I had time to go into more detail!! We spent the weekend before Christmas at my parents house, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we spent together as a foursome, and then later that afternoon went to the in-laws for Christmas dinner!
Happy New Year to you all!! Its gonna be a good one.

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